Are you bored of the mainstream mirror i

Are you bored of the mainstream mirror ideas?
Mirrors in the bathroom enhance the beauty of your bathroom. While there are endless mirror ideas for your bathroom, we often get confused as to which one to opt for. So, to help you out with this difficulty, let us show you some unique ideas to install appealing mirrors in your bathroom.

A Gallery Wall Style Arrangement
No matter what the size of your bathroom is, you should always dedicate a wall for bathroom mirrors. It is good to make an accent wall in the bathroom too as mirrors look really good when they are hanged on accent walls. To give a unique look to your bathroom, you can hang different sized mirrors in a gallery wall style arrangement, resulting in each one complementing the other. Ensure to hang all of them on the same wall for an interesting combo.

Double the Look
While everyone installs just one mirror in their bathroom, how about being unique and putting 2 similar mirrors side by side? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? You can also create a look in your bathroom by putting 2 mirrors, each one over the double sinks. This is a great idea if you have a bigger bathroom.

Illuminate Your Mirrors
If you are a simple person and like putting simple things, you may opt for a simple mirror too. To give an interesting look to the simplest of mirrors, you can go for a simple mirror that comes with backlighting. There are certain mirrors that come with these built-in lights. You can simply hang them in your bathroom and enjoy the low natural light coming from the back of the mirror, making your bathroom look soothing and relaxing.

Now that we have given you some ideas about your bathroom mirrors, which mirror idea seems interesting and unique to you for your bathroom?

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