Top 3 Above-the-Bed décor Ideas Are you

Top 3 Above-the-Bed décor Ideas
Are you thinking about how to add style above your bed?

When it comes to designing your room, every single spot in our room becomes the focal point. However, one of the main issues is the empty space above our beds. What to do about them? What to place there? These questions often come to our mind when we are decorating our bedroom. Check out some of the cool ideas to help you add style above your bed.

Framed Photographs and Prints

Hanging photographs and prints in framed form have their own class. You may have captured several memories or would have some special memories, such as your graduation ceremony, engagement, wedding, or birthday snaps. Print some of your memories in black and white or use the colored version of those pictures.
Go for anything you like. But if you want to opt for something different, look for something different and unique, such as botanical framed artwork.

Colored Plates

If you want to express your personality in a unique way, placing colorful plates and creative designed plates might do the trick.
Colorful plates over your bed will not only express your personality, but will also make your room look lively and enchanting.


Mirrors in the room always give an interesting look to the room as a whole. Also, they are a stylish way to add beauty to your room. There are varieties of mirrors for you to choose from; you can either go for the rectangular and horizontal ones, the ones with glass artwork, the ones with wooden frames, or the mirrors with intricate designs. Use small sized mirrors together, or one large mirror, to give an appealing look.

While these are a few decorating ideas for your above-the-bed décor, you can choose many others for your bedroom apart from these.

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