For the Love of Accent Walls Yes, all of

For the Love of Accent Walls

Yes, all of us love accent walls not only because they look good, but because they also add a unique touch to the ambiance. While you may be looking at countless possibilities and options to decorate your room, dare to create a creative accent wall. Let’s have a look at some unique and beautiful types of accent walls to give you an idea.


Now that wallpapers have made a comeback, there are countless options for you to choose from. From geometrical prints to floral designs, you will find numerous wallpaper designs depending upon the room. For instance, if you are looking for wallpaper for your study, you can get a wallpaper with quotes or books on it. If you are surfing for one for your room, go with a soothing room wallpaper featuring birds or a nature theme.


One of the main room decors, tapestries are a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. Unlike other paints and designs, tapestries are colorful and well patterned. Whether you use them on a full wall or a half of some part of the wall, you will surely achieve an accent. Being a piece of art in itself, it will definitely attract the onlookers and look great wherever you put it.


Wood can never go out of fashion. Adding great style to your surroundings and giving sophisticated vibes because of dark hues, wood looks really classy. To customize the look of your wall, you can also paint it to look as a wooden surface. Typically, wood is used in several houses also because it works as an added layer of insulation to keep unwanted sounds out. Arrange different planks of different brown hues and install them horizontally in your room; it will look incredible.
Now that you have read some ideas about the accent walls, which one are you thinking of for your room?

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