Kitchen Trends You Better Watch Out For

Kitchen Trends You Better Watch Out For | 2017 Kitchen Designs

2016 is soon going to come to an end. Along with making New Year’s new resolutions, you also need to do a kitchen makeover as well. Add beauty to your kitchen with exquisite kitchen designs that are going to dominate 2017. Check out the latest and stylish kitchen designs below.

Texture-on-Texture Design

In 2017, it is time to revamp the look of your kitchen with texture-on-texture contrast. Strong, contrasting designs will help revamp the look of your kitchen. Previously, texture with plain colored walls was in fashion. But in 2017, the kitchen design is evolving. Also, this texture will not include matching patterns; instead, it will be a different pattern throughout the kitchen.

Metal Hoods

This year, copper, steel, bronze and brass were trending. But in 2017, the metal concept will bring a new definition to the beauty of your kitchen. Though there were a few metallic aspects in your kitchen this year, such as cabinet pulls, hooks, and faucets, next year, you will see metal playing a dominant role in your kitchen aesthetics. Adding great contrast in your kitchen, metal hoods will look great in your kitchen.

Well-Lit Cabinetry

While you may have seen several homeowners installing table lamps, lights, and ceiling lights in their kitchen, you better watch out for a well-lit kitchen next year. According to interior designers, kitchens will now boast added lighting featuring low voltage LED lights above cabinets, below cabinets, inside cabinets, on countertops, and everywhere you like. A well-lit kitchen will not only provide light in the kitchen, instead, it will also enhance the mood setting by illuminating the ambiance accordingly.

Now that you know some of the 2017 kitchen trends beforehand, when are you hiring carpenters to remodel your kitchen?

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